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Think carefully about the type of room!
Various types of living arrangements are possible. Decide beforehand whether you want to live in a regular room, a studio, a flat or a residential room. Every living arrangement has its own advantages and disadvantages. Visit different rooms beforehand and talk to the current residents if you still have doubts.

Take care where you rent a room!
The location of your room is very important. For example, check whether you can reach your department easily. Is your room in a quiet location? If for example there is a café in the neighbourhood, you must take into account that you can have a good deal of noise nuisance in the evenings. A bus stop can also cause quite a bit of noise. It’s always nice too to be able to drop in on someone quickly, so look around to see whether there are other students in your neighbourhood.

Examine everything carefully before you sign anything!
When you go to look at rooms, ensure that you are aware insofar as possible of all the possible shortcomings and extras. Visit different possibilities to compare. Check whether the room and the building it is in are equipped with the necessary fire protection and hygiene. Talk with residents, because the atmosphere is also very important. Always try to take someone along to go look at rooms. Two people always see more.

Be sure that you know what you will pay!
Discuss thoroughly with the landlord in advance what all you will have to pay throughout the year. Of course there is the monthly rent, but be fully aware of the monthly costs, the security deposit, and any extra costs (maintenance, city tax, subscriptions, etc.) too. Also always propose putting the security deposit in a common blocked account. This way your deposit is always safe. Ask your bank for more information on this.

Be sure you have a sound contract!
Always read over your contract carefully before you sign it and ensure that you understand everything and everything is clear. This way you save yourself a lot of problems if anything should ever go wrong. Landlords often draft their own contracts. In these they naturally try to cover themselves against all sorts of liabilities insofar as possible. Read over your contract and be sure that you yourself are adequately covered.